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Is your RV ready for adventure? Tips from Paso Robles RV storage

-The call of the open road is always present and having the right place for keeping the RV adventure-ready makes every trip even more enjoyable. Mars Mega Storage, providing RV storage in Paso Robles since 2005 has some tips to keep the RV ready for every trip even a last-minute opportunity!

Whether a seasoned road warrior or new to the RV lifestyle, there’s nothing like wheeling the RV onto the highway on that first morning of the latest adventure. It’s especially enjoyable when no one works until after midnight to get the RV ready. Keeping the RV in shape for a planned trip or a last-minute spontaneous trip is much easier when the RV is already prepared. Preparation is much easier when amenities for keeping the RV travel ready are easily accessible.

What keeps the RV adventure-ready?

  • A clean refrigerator, stove, and interior—When the trip is over, remove all food from the refrigerator and cabinets. Keep some boxes handy for moving food from the TV to home. Wipe out the inside of the refrigerator, oven, and cabinets. Clean the stove. Leave the refrigerator door slightly open to let air flow.
  • Dust and vacuum the interior—Even for those who like to do the interior cleaning before driving off on the next trip, cleaning up travel dust after a trip makes the chore easier for the next time.
  • Worried about rodents and bugs?—Close and cover vents to keep pests and dust out. Consider choosing a storage facility that has pest abatement as one of its features. The Paso Robles RV storage facility routinely protects its customers and their property with regular pest-control practices that include regular inspections, traps, and environmentally-friendly pest control.
  • Empty all holding tanks.
  • Wash the exterior.
  • Park the RV in a safe location, protected from the weather, damage, and theft.

RV ownership is growing annually and owners are turning to professional storage facilities to keep their RVs and boats safe when not in use. Housing density like apartment and condo living, HOA communities, and municipal regulations are not keeping up with the trend toward more RV ownership. Garages are often not big enough to house an RV, backyards may require a pad to be installed, and parking in the driveway or street is often frowned upon, if not illegal. Additionally, keeping an RV at home exposes it to vandalism and theft.

Storing the RV at home might seem convenient until one examines the amenities available from professional storage facilities. The top features to look for include:

  • State-of-the-art security measures that include cameras, fire and burglar alarms, intruder detection, and well-lighted grounds and storage units.
  • Solid perimeter fencing that deters invasion.
  • Secure, gate-coded entry.
  • On-premises dump stations.
  • On-premises, fully-stocked wash stations.
  • Choices of enclosed or covered storage.

Along with the most up-to-date security and a solid 17-foot steel perimeter wall, the Paso Robles RV storage facility provides on-premises dump stations and fully-supplied wash stations. RV owners have a choice of covered storage or enclosed storage, some with drive-through access. The grounds, roads, and units are fully paved and the roads are wide, with room for vehicles, RVs, and vehicles with trailers to get in and out easily. Highway 101 is only a few minutes away.

The easy availability of dump stations, wash stations, a fully paved facility, regular pest control, and an on-site manager make Mars Mega Storage the ideal location for storing an RV and keeping it maintained and ready between trips.

Clean-up after returning from a road trip or preparing to get on the road is simplified by the availability of all of the amenities.

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