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Paso Robles Self Storage Company Announces Best Practices for Stacking Boxes and Furniture

self storage Paso Robles

-What’s the best way to avoid breaking and damaging articles during packing and while in storage? It can be frustrating to find collapsed boxes and damaged items and the Paso Robles self storage company, Mars Mega Storage, has some best practices for packing and storing items to help prevent damage.

  • Planning and preparing allow enough time to pack items safely and get them into storage in the best order.
  • The best orders for storing items include the first in/last out rule and stacking heaviest to lightest.
  • Store fragile items last in an easily identifiable location
  • Use the right kind of boxes and packing materials

Planning the order of packing and trips to storage take a lot of the stress out of a move. Go through each room and make a list of what is going to storage right away, which will be stored a day or two before the move and which items such as clothing and toiletries will be traveling with you. Anything that is going to be donated goes in a box or bag and is taken to donation right away. Anything being thrown out should be disposed of immediately. Consider renting a dumpster.

The management team at the Paso Robles self storage facility can help choose the right sized self storage unit. Choosing a storage unit with 24/7 secured access also allows you to move items into storage in a more organized fashion.

Remember that what goes into storage first is going to be in the back of the unit and difficult to get to. Also remember that heaviest items like furniture and appliances should be at the bottom of the stacks. Boxes and lighter items can be stacked on top of furniture and appliances. Boxes can also be stored under tables and chairs. To avoid collapsing boxes and damaging the contents, stack heavier boxes, such as those containing books, tools, toys, and pots and pans first, then lighter boxes containing items such as bed and bath linens and clothing on top of those. Use packing materials liberally so that nothing moves inside the box and the boxes are less likely to collapse under pressure.

Free boxes collected from stores may not be the best choice because they are not always as sturdy as moving boxes. Use boxes that are designed for packing and storing items such as dishes, glassware, electronics and even special wardrobe boxes.

Be sure to identify the room, such as kitchen or master bedroom, on the box. Clearly mark boxes with fragile items. Set these boxes aside and store them together in one section of the storage unit. It’s also a good idea to write a general description of the contents on the box. Some people say putting a detailed list of the contents inside the box is helpful when it’s time to unpack.

The packing materials like bubble wrap, packing paper and packing peanuts protect the contents, especially fragile items and fill the empty spaces between items. Tape seals the boxes. Moving pads or blankets, even old household blankets protect furniture.

Remember to not pack any box so heavy that it’s difficult to lift. No one wants to try to load and unload a moving truck with a sore back.

Moving isn’t the only reason for renting a self-storage unit. Remodeling, creating more space at home or the office, storing family heirlooms, or temporary extra space while downsizing are all common reasons for using self-storage. The Paso Robles self storage facility also provides secure storage for vehicles, RVs and boats.

The facility is highly secure with an onsite manager, 17-foot steel walls, personal gate codes, security alarms, fire alarms, state-of-the-art camera, and laser beams. All the units, from the smallest mini-storage to spacious 60-foot units are easy to access in the fully paved facility. There is a conference room stocked with snacks and beverages for customer use, and fully supplied wash stations and dump stations for RV and boat tenants. The facility is easily accessed, just a few minutes from Highway 101.

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