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The Paso Robles self-storage company has some tips for New Year reorganizers

-“Downsize and get organized” is a familiar item on New Year’s resolutions lists, until June arrives and the best effort is still in a single box hidden in the hall closet. The team from Paso Roble’s River Road Mini Storage has some tips to help make sure those boxes get filled with unwanted stuff and make it out the front door before the end of January.

When it comes to downsizing and reorganizing, stuff that has clogged up the closets, jammed the drawers, and filled the garage usually falls into four groups:

  • Stuff that friends and family would like to have.
  • Stuff that can be sold for some extra cash.
  • Stuff that can be donated.
  • Stuff that belongs in the trash.

Keep in mind that the purpose of downsizing is to get the stuff out of the house and garage! This means that stashing it in a special closet isn’t quite meeting the goal. Other than hauling stuff out to the front lawn, what are the best options for getting it permanently out of sight and mind?

Here is the recommended action list from the Paso Robles storage team:

  • Call friends and family and ask them if there is anything special they would like to have. If those items are earmarked for downsizing, make a list of who wants what.
  • Round up a good supply of boxes, large trash bags, markers, packing materials, and labels.
  • Rent a dumpster.
  • Rent a storage unit.
  • Make a plan

Why a storage unit?

Sometimes the people who want things are not in a position to accept them right away. A storage unit is a safe place to temporarily store boxes of earmarked items. The boxes are out of the way while the rest of the sorting and purging continues.

A storage unit is also the perfect spot to stash stuff until it’s time for the yard sale.

Mark the boxes “Aunt Jeannie,” or “SALE” and periodically haul them to the storage unit to get them out of the house.

Make a plan

Working room-by-room, including the garage and any sheds on the property, do the following:

  • Set up and label some boxes in the first room. Be sure to tape the bottoms closed.
  • Add a supply of trash bags, markers, labels, and packing materials.
  • Start sorting, putting trash in the trash bags for the dumpster, yard sale stuff in the box market “SALE”, donation stuff in the donation box, and items for friends and family in specifically labeled boxes. Protect fragile items with packing materials.
  • Done for the day? Put the trash in the dumpster every day. Even though you have regular trash pickup, renting a dumpster, even a small one, makes sure there is someplace to put the extra trash so it’s out of the house.
  • Put full, marked boxes in the car.
  • Schedule regular runs to the storage unit and to the donation locations. Make regular deliveries to these locations on regular travels to work or on errands.

Be diligent. Set aside dedicated time a few times a week. The project will be done quickly, and at least one New Year resolution can be crossed off as fulfilled!

About River Road Mini Storage

The Paso Robles storage facility has been meeting storage needs of all kinds for the community since 1984.

The management takes pride in providing Paso Robles and surrounding communities with helpful and friendly customer service, reasonably priced, clean, and highly secure storage units. River Road Mini Storage features:

  • Personal coded controlled gate with seven days a week access.
  • Fully fenced well-lit facility with on-site security cameras.
  • Roomy drive-up access to all units.
  • Easy and affordable payments.

The staff is available to help choose the best size of a storage unit and answer any and all questions.

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