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Water Damage Company SERVPRO of Santa Maria Serving Orcutt Releases The Report ‘What Is Water Damage?’

-When we hear “water damage” we think of everything from storms or floods destroying things in their paths to the slow dripping leak from a cracked water pipe, but few stop to think about how water damages things. Mark Powers, owner of SERVPRO of Santa Maria serving Orcutt, CA recently released a report that answers the question “What is water damage?”

Water causes damage by:

  • Creating a situation for mold to grow: Mold needs moisture and organic material to thrive. Moisture enlivens dormant mold spores, that digest organic material, weakening and breaking down wood, fabric and other materials. Mold can also contribute to mild to severe health problems.
  • Weakening and rotting organic materials: Organic materials absorb and hold water and over time the fibers break down and fall apart. Water also dissolves the adhesives used to create laminated and engineered wood such as particle board and oriented strand board (OSB).
  • Creating a situation for insect invasion: Some insects like living in moist areas, and some others, like termites, invade weakened wood causing more damage.
  • Rust happens when iron and oxygen react with water or damp air. Iron and iron alloys such as steel, are subject to rust. Over time, if neglected, rust eats through layers of metal and can eventually weaken metal.
  • Weakening and dissolving masonry and grout: Brick, cement, tiles, grout and other masonry products are popular for their durability, but masonry contracts and expands as moisture enters and evaporates. When exposed to water and moisture for prolong periods, masonry will begin to weaken and crumble.
  • Causing stains on fabric, walls, floors, ceilings and elsewhere: When water mixes with dust, wood finishes, paint, a variety of other materials such as sewage, household chemicals, fabric dye and even some food and beverages, stains result. In some cases, cleaning can removed the stain and hard surfaces can be refinished or repainted. Some stains to certain kinds of fabric might be resistant to cleaning.

The sooner leaks, broken pipes, overflowing appliances, leaky roofs and other sources of excess water and moisture are addressed, the less damage there will be. Regular inspections are an important part of identifying and fixing issues before they cause damage. Other strategies for preventing water damage include:

  • Taking protective precautions before a storm, such as using sand bags to divert water away from buildings
  • Periodically inspect the roof for leaks, especially after a heavy storm
  • Inspect the attic, basement and crawl spaces for built up moisture
  • Make sure all appliance hoses and connections are tight and not leaking
  • Check under sinks and around showers, bathtubs and toilets to make sure there are no leaks
  • Repair any weak or rotting windows, doors, decking and building exteriors

Locally owned SERVPRO of Santa Maria serving Orcutt is ready 24/7 to respond to water damage. Whether your property has been flooded, a pipe has broken, or you have water damage from some other source the expert team of highly trained water damage technicians can help. SERVPRO is a trusted leader in the water restoration industry, using the most advanced inspection techniques and extraction and drying equipment.

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