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Water Damage Company SERVPRO of Santa Maria Serving Orcutt Reports ‘Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company’

-“Better late than never” is not a good philosophy when addressing water damage in your home or business. The old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine” is much more appropriate and finding out exactly what kinds of water damage your insurance covers is one stitch closer to being prepared.

Mark Powers, franchise owner of SERVPRO of Santa Maria, serving Orcutt said, “Water damage can be very expensive to repair, especially if it goes undetected or if there is a catastrophic event.” A leader in repairing water damage, mold and fire damage, SERVPRO works with hundreds of insurance companies to help property owners get their claims processed fairly and quickly. “But, we can only help process claims that your insurance covers,” said Powers.

The time to learn what your insurance company covers and doesn’t cover is before you buy the policy. Insurance does not prevent leaking or broken pipes or the toilet or bathtub overflowing, but you can certainly have peace of mind knowing what kinds of water damage incidents your insurance will cover.

Questions to ask your insurance agent include, “Am I covered for water damage caused by:”

  • Storms, including heavy snow if your property is in snow country
  • Water damage that is the result of putting out a fire
  • Toilet, bathtub, washing machine or other appliance overflowing
  • A leaking roof
  • Water damage to walls, floors and cabinets
  • Burst, leaking or faulty plumbing
  • Mold damage that is the result of water damage
  • Vandalism
  • Any other type of water damage

As mentioned, insurance is not going to prevent accidents, but knowing you are covered when something does happen certainly helps reduce some of the stress.

Individual insurance companies may cover more or fewer circumstances and the scenarios may vary. For example, if the roof leaks the insurance may only cover the replacement and repair of possessions inside the house, but not replacement costs for the roof. This is just one example of why it is important to know what your insurance covers.

Typically, insurance does not cover water damage that is caused by neglect. This is why it is important to inspect for leaks and repair any potential problem as soon as possible.

Flood insurance that helps restore your property and possessions after a flood is typically a separate policy. If you live on a flood plain or in an area otherwise subject to flooding, your insurance agent can help you get flood insurance.

Locally owned SERVPRO of Santa Maria serving Orcutt is ready 24/7 to help. The expert team of highly trained water damage technicians serving Orcutt are trusted leaders in the water restoration industry, using the most advanced inspection techniques and extraction and drying equipment.

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