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San Luis Obispo electrical contractor releases ‘Top ways to reduce the electric bill’

-The end of winter doesn’t always mean the end of high electric bills because there are many things people continue to do without realizing those little things are adding unnecessary charges. The electrical contractors from San Luis Obispo’s Electricraft, Inc. recently released a report about some of the top ways to reduce the household electric bill.

Seemingly small habits like leaving a porch light on all night, running small loads of laundry or the dishwasher before its full or a partially full dryer can increase the electric bill. Becoming aware of the small things that use electricity and making some changes can reduce the electric bill by quite a bit.

Phantom power loads are one of the most unrecognized culprits of energy consumption. Phantom power loads are those appliances and electronics that continue to pull power even after they have been turned off. The United States Department of Energy estimates that the electric bill can be reduced by 20% by controlling phantom power loads. Unplugging these appliances when they are not in use can save quite a bit of money every year. For those that can’t be unplugged, consider using a smart power strip.

Other energy-saving steps suggested by the San Luis Obispo electrical contractor include:

  • Insulating the home and replacing worn weatherstripping. Heavier window coverings are another way to insulate the home in the winter. Even closing blinds and curtains on hot days can keep the interior cooler.
  • Make sure furnace and air conditioning filters are replaced frequently and that nothing is blocking the air flow from vents.
  • Ceiling fans can also be less expensive to run than the air conditioning.
  • Install a smart thermostat that allows remote control of the interior temperature. It’s less expensive to adjust the temperature when on the way home than to let the heat or cooling system run on automatic all day.
  • Use motion detectors and timers on exterior lighting to turn the lights on when they are needed and off when not needed.
  • Dimmers for interior lights make it possible to have some light without bright lights running up the bill. Using more efficient LED lighting is also cost-effective.
  • Use the air dry setting on the dishwasher.
  • Do the laundry with cold water and clean the dryer’s lint trap.
  • Use an energy-efficient convection or microwave oven instead of the regular oven when possible.
  • When cooking meals, double the recipe and freeze the extra. It usually takes less energy to warm up a thawed meal than to cook from scratch.
  • Keep cold drinks on ice in a cooler in the warm months. Constantly opening the refrigerator door for a cold drink keeps the refrigerator running.

Along with taking energy-saving steps, consider an electrical inspection if the electric bill is still higher than average. Older wiring or problems in the electrical system can waste power, raise the bill, and be potentially dangerous.

Installing solar is also another solution. Solar panels reduce dependence on the power grid, increase property values and help the environment. There is a solar installation solution for every home and business and the San Luis Obispo electrical contracting company, Electricraft, is also the local solar installation expert team.

Electricraft, Inc. has been serving the electrical needs of Central Coast homes and business since 1984. The family-owned business provides top-quality solar installation and electrical services for:

  • Remodels, upgrades, new construction
  • Inspections, repairs and maintenance
  • Installations of new wiring, circuit breakers, outlets, switches, smoke detectors, phone and data lines and much more
  • Underground and overhead inspections, repairs and installations

In short, Electricraft, Inc. is a full-service electrical and solar company that can meet every residential, commercial and public works need.

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