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San Luis Obispo’s Intuitive Acupuncture announces a new website by Access Publishing

-Intuitive Acupuncture San Luis Obispo recently announced the launch of a new website designed and hosted by Access Publishing. Intuitive Acupuncture brings the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to California’s Central Coast communities, offering acupuncture, custom herbal formulas, functional medicine/nutrition and additional therapies to help patients heal and restore wellbeing.

“Our acupuncture clinic places emphasis on empowering our patients to make good health decisions,” said owner/acupuncturist Jonathan Olcutt.

Lead acupuncturists, Kristo Kucaric and Olcutt both hold master’s degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their diverse backgrounds, rooted in individual early life experiences that led them through a variety of healing arts modalities and practices to TCM, combines into a patient-centered philosophy that guides each patient along a path to self-healing.

The Intuitive Acupuncture San Luis Obispo is located at 1025 Pacific St. offers a full range of services, including functional medicine nutrition by MaryKate Smith, Bs, Ms. and massage therapy by Ryan Sauter.

Marykate Smith specializes in functional medicine to optimize overall well-being and focus on how and why illness occurs. By understanding key elements of a patient’s unique design and lifestyle, this patient-centered, science-based approach empowers the patient and practitioner to work together to address the underlying causes of disease.

Ryan Sauter offers a variety of bodywork techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage and reflexology to promote relaxation and pain relief.

The emphasis at Intuitive Acupuncture is on helping the patient discover his or her path to wellness. The environment is non-judgmental and confidential and patients are treated with dignity and compassion. Acupuncture has evolved as a system of medicine that tailors treatments to each patient individually. It is a holistic evaluation of illness that comes from communication between patient and acupuncturist, guided by what feels right naturally for the patient and an intuitive sense about the illness. The name Intuitive Acupuncture is an acknowledgment of this practice and of the art of understanding another person and treating patients as individuals.

Patients can make an appointment for any service offered at Intuitive Acupuncture San Luis Obispo from any services pages on the website or by calling the clinic at (805) 459-6561.

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