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‘Self Storage: an overlooked use for downsizing,’ reports Paso Robles self storage facility

-People rent storage units when they are moving, to store things they don’t need, or might need again someday, during college breaks, and to create extra space at home or work, but one of the most overlooked uses for storage is when a family is downsizing. The team from Mars Mega Storage in Paso Robles has recently taken a look at the many ways a storage unit can help during downsizing.

The top reasons people start downsizing, aside from moving, are:

  • Preparing for retirement and a more efficient home
  • Cleaning out the family home for an elderly relative
  • Organizing family treasures to be passed along to family and friends

It’s one thing to call all the relatives and tell them to “come and get” whatever it is they have always wanted. The timing isn’t always convenient and sometimes the home needs to be vacated quickly. The ideal situation is to rent a self service storage unit to hold items that are being passed along to others.

A typical scenario is when the family home needs to be cleared because the parents or grandparents are moving to a retirement community, or, sadly, have died. Older homes hold a lifetime of furniture, clothes, dishes, pots, pans, knick-knacks and memories. These kinds of house-clearings usually involve:

  • Family members who want furnishing and mementos
  • A lot of items that are earmarked for an estate or moving sale
  • Items that are thrown away

It’s convenient when family members are able to arrive and pick up the items they want right away, but that doesn’t always happen. Distance and life schedules often make it difficult to get away. Renting a storage unit means that the keepsakes and heirlooms that are earmarked for family and friends can be simply moved into storage and out of the way to be picked up later. Full service self storage facilities like Paso Robles’ Mars Mega Storage have unit sizes for every need, including RV, boat and vehicle storage.

  • Items meant for an estate sale can be left in place, in boxes, or displayed on countertops and the tops of furnishings that are remaining for the estate sale.
  • Removing all of the items that are not for sale eliminates the problem of accidentally selling the dresser that was meant for Aunt Sally and the hard feelings that might come with that mistake.
  • With only items for sale remaining when the sale is over, everything can be boxed up for donation.
  • With the house empty, the final cleaning and repairs can be done.

The office staff can help determine the size and type of storage unit that is going to meet the need, or use the online storage calculator.

A self storage unit is safe, secure and convenient. The Paso Robles self-storage facility has units in sizes ranging from 5-feet x 5-feet all the way up to drive-through units that are 60-feet in length. The security features a 17-foot steel perimeter wall surrounding the property, burglar and fire alarms, infrared cameras and laser beams and 24/7 personal key coded gate access with easy access to every unit and an onsite manager.

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