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‘Why security is important,’ a new report from the Paso Robles self-storage company

-Security at a storage facility is about protecting the guest’s possessions from theft and damage, but it is also about protecting the guests themselves from accidents, injuries, and harm. The management of River Road Mini Storage, the Paso Robles self-storage facility, recently released a report that discusses how security measures provide both security and safety.

Twenty-four-hour secure gate access, a well-lighted facility, a fully fenced perimeter, security cameras, and wide drive-up access to storage units enhance a storage facility’s security by:

  • Only granting admission to paying guests via each guest’s personal code. The private code prevents those who have no business at the facility from entering. The personal code is a private code. Most storage facilities include a clause in the contract warning against sharing the code with friends and other unauthorized people. When that code is shared, the security of every paying guest at the facility is compromised.
  • Lights are important because intruders with malicious intent tend to avoid well-lit places. They don’t want to be seen. Lighting is also important for safety. Even though a facility keeps public access areas clean and clear of obstacles, things can accidentally fall off of a truck, or be left behind. If the lighting is poor someone might trip on an obstacle, fall, and injure themselves, or a vehicle might drive over an unseen object, damaging the vehicle as well as the object. The Paso Robles self-storage facility takes pride in a clean and clear facility.
  • A fully fenced perimeter is another obstacle to those with criminal or malicious mischief intent. Along with bright lights and on-site security cameras that are recording around the clock, most people who have the wrong intent are not going to risk scaling a tall fence and being caught. If they do make the mistake of getting in, the camera captures them on film and they are identified and caught.
  • The combined security features that keep intruders out also protect guests, especially those visiting their storage units after dark. Confronting an intruder might result in injury to the storage unit guest, even if the confrontation is accidental.
  • Wide drive-up access to each storage unit gives vehicles room to maneuver and pass without causing damage. Wide lanes help prevent fender benders, scratches, and scrapes to vehicles as they enter and exit the facility.

The management of the Paso Robles self-storage facility is committed to the security, safety, and well-being of their guests and their guest’s possessions. From offering storage units in a selection of sizes to all of the security and safety measures, River Road Mini Storage makes it a company policy to accommodate their guests as much as possible.

Serving the Paso Robles community since 1984, River Road Mini Storage supplies a friendly, clean, and secure facility at a reasonable price plus easy and affordable payment options.

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